Morning Musings on Mobile VR

The failed alliteration of that title bugs me.  That’s 2.40am for you though.  Since it is so late this will be brief, after a productive few weeks I figured I should jot some notes down.

  1. Cockpits seem to have a sweet spot of scale when it comes to helping ground the player and reducing simulation sickness.  Too big and the illusion of being inside a cockpit is gone.  Too small and there is a rapidly increasing sense of discomfort from the obvious lack of head positional tracking.  When a control panel is a perceived reasonable distance away you’re less likely to try and lean in.  Put it close and you instinctively try to lean in to get a better look.  That’s obviously no longer an issue with higher end pc headsets from DK2 up, but on mobile VR like cardboard or the Gear VR it is very unsettling to feel like the console is receding away from you as you try to read it.
  2. The Note 4 can do more than I expected at 60fps.  Colour me impressed, haven’t even tried playing with the different power scale settings yet.
  3. Speaking of impressed, a Gear VR test build with the Virtual Texture Scale set to 4 looking STUNNING.  I mean sure it only ran at a couple of frames per second, but those two frames a second had the crispest darn text I’ve ever seen in VR.  Putting settings back to default so the project would run at full speed was painful because I realised lots of visual issues I’ve been chalking up to the Note 4 screen resolution are actually just due to not having the processing power to do it justice.
  4. Yelling DRADIS CONTACT to myself while turning to face a just appeared enemy ship will never stop being fun.  That too could just be the 2.40 am though.

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