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PhilipK Textures Converted to Unity

Poking through my hard-drive earlier looking for inspiration for a VR demo I’m working on, came across a nice SF texture set put together by Philip Klevestav.

The copy of the textures I had was in Doom3/Quake4 format so I spent a couple of hours setting them up in Unity using the Standard Shader.  Since the original source files were shared under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License I figured it’s only fair I share the Unity friendly material files.

Download Herephilipktexturesunity

It’s bigger on the inside

If not for the fact that phrase is synonymous with a certain show about a mad man and his box, that would actually make a pretty great marketing slogan for a VR headset.

Have wanted to work on this project for a while but didn’t while I was focusing on mobile VR stuff, since it really needs the positional tracking of a Rift or Vive to let you appreciate the scale weirdness of a room that’s smaller on the outside.  Hopefully upload a build of this in the next week.002001


1st August 2016 edit: Haven’t had as much time as I would have liked in the last few days to work on this, what time I have had has been spent doing texture and lighting tests.